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Humane Education Programs

Humane Education is a field of learning centered on building a more compassionate world for people, animals, and the natural world. Through lessons, activities, and conversations, Humane Education brightens our world by teaching us to be kinder, more empathetic people. It educates and empowers each one of us to make more humane and ethical choices in our daily lives, and to help foster others along in their journeys to making the world a better place

Humane Hearts provides experienced consulting services to organizations looking to develop new Humane Education programs or improve their existing offerings. Freelance teaching services are also available, where our experienced and credentialed Humane Educator will run one-time or recurring programs for your organization. Some of our most popular topics include: "Being Kind to All Kinds" (preschool to 6th grade), "Being Safe Around Animals" (preschool to 6th grade), "Building a Kinder World for Animals" (grades 5-8); "An Introduction to Animal Ethics" (grades 9-12), "Choosing Careers to Help Animals" (high school to adult), and "Conversations in Animal Welfare" (high school to adult).


All programs are designed and led by Humane Hearts Founder, Marla Andrews. Marla holds an M.Ed. in Humane Education & Animal Welfare and has a lifetime of experiences working in animal welfare and advocacy, including over twenty years of experience teaching and consulting within the field of Humane Education in collaboration with animal shelters, farm animal sanctuaries, public and private schools, youth groups, senior centers, therapeutic group homes, rehabilitation centers, and more.


A small sampling of possible offerings are described in more detail below, but we are always happy to work with you to build a custom program that fits your need -- get in touch to start the conversation!

Animal Welfare Organizations

We can help you plan and implement everything you need to be a force for change in the animal world! From complete educational programming to front-line worker support, we can help you build a strong education program and team, supporting your mission and helping to generate income for your organization.

Public & Private Schools

We offer enrichment opportunities for all ages, from stand-alone lessons to multi-week classes, classroom curricula to after-school activities. We also provide professional development discussions and seminars to empower teachers and inspire them to integrate messages of kindness and compassion into their day-to-day teachings.

Organizations & Specialty Groups

We can tailor presentations to your group's needs. From private corporations wanting to discuss fresh topics in animal welfare and conservation to senior living centers looking to inspire lively discussions about the changing world we live in, Humane Hearts can provide interesting growth opportunities for individuals of any age. 

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