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Compassion Fatigue Workshops

Compassion fatigue is defined as 'caregiver burnout' or the 'cost of caring.' In animal caregivers, it is often associated with stress, sadness, fatigue, and feelings of hopelessness arising from working with animals in need, including in animal shelters, sanctuaries, animal protection organizations, rescue groups, veterinary hospitals, wildlife rehabilitation clinics, and other settings. Seeking support from those who can empathize with these feelings and have personal experience working in this taxing field can help animal caregivers rebuild their strength and resilience. Ultimately, repairing and maintaining our emotional health strengthens the cause by helping us bring our best selves to the animals we care so deeply about.

At Humane Hearts, we offer compassion fatigue support in a variety of formats to help individuals and organizations recognize signs of compassion fatigue, regain balance, and restore optimism. The support we provide draws upon our own extensive experience working in the emotionally taxing field of animal welfare.


Personalized one-on-one compassionate fatigue support for professional and volunteer animal caregivers. 

Workshops &
Support Groups

A safe community space where members of an organization can share experiences in a supportive environment and learn strategies to build resilience and bolster common goals. Common formats include volunteer, staff, or combined volunteer/staff support groups.

Organizational Consulting

Professional development support for those in leadership positions.  We work with leaders to develop strategic plans to manage compassion fatigue (including preemptive measures) in their staff, volunteers, and themselves.

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