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Jupiter, a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull type dog, stares up at the photographer lovingly from a fuzzy gray dog bed

Pet Loss Grief Support

Compassion Fatigue Workshops

Humane Education

Life Coaching

Pet Loss Grief

Our pets hold our brimming hearts and mean the world to us. When they die, our world can feel shattered. Sometimes, navigating our way through our own grief can be difficult to do alone. Through individual, family, and group sessions, we provide compassionate support for children and adults who have experienced the death of a beloved pet or are anticipating a loss.

Compassion Fatigue

Caring deeply for animals can take a large emotional toll, particularly for those working in the taxing fields of animal care, advocacy, welfare, and law enforcement. We offer enlightening seminars and workshops to educate professionals about compassion fatigue, or 'caregiver burnout,' and steps that we can all take to stay mentally healthy while working on behalf of animals.

Humane Education Programs

Humane Education is an essential tool for building a more compassionate world for people and animals, alike. Whether teaching young children about being kind to animals, introducing animal ethics to older students, or delving into global animal welfare topics with adults, we can work with your school, club, or organization to develop a program to spark discussion and foster growth.


Whether you are navigating a challenge in your life, seeking a change in direction, or striving to build greater self-compassion, it is important to approach these changes with intention and call upon others for support as needed. We can provide educational, vocational, and personal coaching to help guide and empower you on this journey and strengthen your mindset for the future.

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